Historical mansion in Jedwabno with a 4 hectar plot

There is rarely a real estate offer that can be called magical. This one is undoubtedly one of them. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of a restored historic mansion from the late 18th century, set on a 4-hectare plot.

Currently, there is an intimate senior citizen’s home, while the large area and layout of the rooms provide great arrangement possibilities for various types of businesses.

The manor is in the hands of a pair of visual artists who have restored it to its former splendor over the last quarter of a century. They are selling the property due to their age.

The main advantages of the manor house near Toruń

Huge business potential:

– Addiction treatment center

– Luxurious retirement home (the building is already adapted for people with disabilities)

– Wedding house

– Rehabilitation clinic

– Hotel

– Agrotourism (with the possibility of specialization, e.g. in preserves and tinctures)

– Treehouse rental (example: https://matterport.com/discover/space/xwwpd5uSw2B)

I can present a business plan for an addiction treatment center with an average ROI of 30%. It doesn’t include subsidies, as well as big possibilitys of obtaining funds for such activities.

3D tour – manor house

dwor spacer

3D tour – green house


– just 5 km from the border of Toruń, 13 km from the UNESCO-listed Toruń Old Town

– 6 km to the A1 motorway junction in Lubicz

– a stud farm and an alpaca farm nearby

– the Drwęca valley for tourists, offering opportunities for canoeing and fishing in clear waters

– a bicycle trail running through Jedwabno

– within a minute by car the lakes: Józefowo, Kamionki or Okonin


The manor has an area of ​​585 m2 and has three floors, including an attic. It is built in the classicist style and covered with a gable roof.

The manor has:

– 12 rooms

– 3 kitchens

– 4 bathrooms

– Art workshop

– Larder

– 2-car garage

– Utility rooms

– Basement – 74m2

Competetive price

The price for the entire complex is PLN 2.97 million.

Calculated per meter, the plot alone cost us 76 PLN/m2 (manor house and cottage for free)

Alternatively, calculating the price per square meter of the property (manor house with a cottage, totaling 640m2), we get 4640 PLN/m2, which is a very attractive price considering how difficult it would be to purchase anything at this price. Here we have a beautiful manor house, whose value will only increase over time, making it not only a secure investment but also a safe capital deposit (and with 4 hectares of beautiful land included for free).

Tax benefits

The entire property – both the building and the land – is exempt from property tax due to its listing in the monument register. This listing also enables eligibility for grants for historic properties and eliminates the risk of potential cadastral tax.

By acquiring this property under the “Pałacyk+” relief, you can deduct 50% of the renovation costs from your income tax, provided that the renovation is conducted under the supervision of a heritage conservator. There is no upper limit, so if, for example, we spend half a million on renovations, we can reduce our tax by 250,000.

Near the manor, the owners built a year-round, two-story house with a usable area of ​​55 m2. The house is a wooden structure powered by a heat pump. On the plot you can build simple objects of light architecture.

In the clearing behind the manor, there is a new generation photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 9 KW, which supplies both facilities with free electricity. With a slight increase in it, it is possible to use a second heat pump to heat the mansion. Currently, the manor is heated by a high-class Viessman dual-purpose oil piece. It can be alternatively heated with wood, because it also has 3 fireplaces, which in fact is sometimes of great importance.

A plot of 3.9 ha in a large part of the fairy-tale park. Among the perfect stand of trees, there are oaks, ashes, black locusts, birches, maples and elms; there is also walnuts and hazelnuts. Through the section of the course of the stream, resulting in a definite pond. Behind it, there is a large, fertile orchard with over 100 fruit trees, such as pears, cherries, cherries, apples, including old, old Polish fruits such as costela. There is also a vegetable garden nearby. it is run by the owner in the eco version, without any fertilizers. The clearing behind the manor is an agricultural plot, which also gives interesting opportunities in terms of the use of various subsidies.

It is ideal for setting up, for example, wedding tents, a tennis court, or displaying light objects. The surrounding area offers great opportunities for use as a place of rest and relaxation for the charges, connection to activities, e.g. yoga / outdoor fitness, meditation, photography, gardening, or a slow life laboratory.

Call and schedule a meeting to experience the magic of this place and discuss the opportunities it offers!